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Trihawk Capital Brings Commercial Finance to Your Door

Business loans might be the most common commercial finance tool, but that is only because they are versatile enough to be useful in practically any industry. It isn’t because they are necessarily the best solutions all the time. Loans work well for long-term investments in assets and acquisitions, but they are not built to help you when you need short-term solutions. That’s why we have put together a broad range of financial products for our clients at Trihawk Capital. It gives them the choices they need to pick the best product, no matter what.


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Small Business Loans

Among other things, loan funds can be used to purchase new property, renovate existing facilities, increase your advertising or refinance your other debts. Our expert advisors can get you started on our simple application process.

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Commercial Real Estate

Whether financing large-scale developments, or trying to find the lowest cost structure for your repayment strategy, Trihawk Capital is here to help by giving you a diverse array of options for financing that purchase.

Trihawk Equipment Leasing and Financing

Equipment Financing

Trihawk Capital understands that sometimes you do not need to purchase a new machine, you just need access to it, which is why we offer a flexible equipment leasing program in addition to our conventional equipment financing.


Built to Scale as Your Business Grows

The best part about our financial products is their versatility. Most of them are built to scale with you, so you can keep counting on them as you grow your company. When they do reach their lending cap, our associates will also work with you to find ways of connecting financial services to provide you with the funding you need. That way, you can be ready to take advantage of every opportunity.

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