Referrals and Brokers Are Welcome at Trihawk Capital

At Trihawk Capital, we welcome all brokers and referrals. We offer a lot of benefits to financial experts who come our way. You can submit or preview a transaction with us to qualify for these benefits of our referral and broker program:

  • Reciprocal referrals of your client if they return to us.
  • Quality continuing relationships with our expert, national team.,
  • Excellent commissions no matter what size the project.
  • Protection for referrals and brokers, such as upfront fee disclosure.

Contact our office to find out more. Whether you’ve worked with us before or have a new referral, we want to hear from you.

Come Work With Trihawk Capital

As a company that provides financial services across the nation, we have openings for experienced and energetic financial workers. We have a lot to offer new employees, so have a look.

  • A commitment to help you further your career.
  • Your hard work and dedication will always be rewarded with excellent commissions.
  • Our extensive network allows you to work from anywhere.
  • Our versatile lending capabilities mean you can offer great turnaround time for your clients.
  • You receive access to a team of experienced professionals to mentor you.

What We Are Looking For

Do you have what it takes to work for us? There are a few criteria you should measure yourself against, and if you qualify, please call our office for an interview.

  • Confidence: The ability to believe in yourself and press on in the face of rejection.
  • Humor: The skills to create a friendly environment others want to be around.
  • Motivated: The drive to manage your responsibilities in a timely manner.
  • Organized: The ability to keep a sales meeting on track through the end.

We want to hear from you so together we can build a better tomorrow. If you are hardworking with some sales experience and have the above qualities, contact our office to find out how to join our referral and broker program.