Accounts Receivable Financing for Your Business

When you are looking for short-term cash you can use to meet your company’s obligations, you need to know how to tap into a cash advance that doesn’t raise your long-term debt, that’s available quickly, and that you can re-use as you need to. That’s why you need to know how to contact Trihawk Capital to kick off another round of financing receivables.

How Accounts Receivable Financing Works

Financing your company’s accounts means having our associates go through your customers’ payment records, so we can see what kind of wait to expect for payment. Then, they calculate the amount of any available advance. This allows you to put that money to work as needed. When the payment comes in, we handle collecting and processing it, sending you the remainder after our advance and service fee are paid.

Benefits of Financing Your Receivables

  • Keep cash flowing through your business consistently
  • Reuse this method whenever you have accounts outstanding
  • Build the costs into estimates for more efficiency
  • Make more money when your customers pay faster
  • No loss of equity or increase in long-term debt
  • Payment insurance on your customers at no extra expense to your company

If you are ready to start an application, get ahold of a Trihawk Capital associate today.