The Biggest Mistakes Startup Owners Can Make

As a startup owner, you have an amazing new product and service that will do wonders for clients.  However, often startup owners do not have a sales background and it is difficult to close the sale.  Here are some common sales mistakes startup owners should avoid:

• Failure to prospect. A great product does not sell itself without hard work and prospecting. Potential clients need to know what the product is and how it can help them. It is extremely important to make sure to set aside time for prospecting into your schedule every week.

• Sounding too scripted. It is important to practice what you are going to say and how it will be presented, but it’s also important to be sincere and go off script as needed. Each client or prospect is different and wants to feel like the presentation is going to help address their unique needs.

• Not listening. Clients and prospects want to feel heard. Incorporating questions into the sales pitch that allow the client or prospect to share what they are looking for and need in the product or service will help you share the features that will be most valuable to them.

• Being reluctant to share pricing information. While it is important to make sure the prospect understands the value of the product, it is just as important to be transparent about the price involved. Otherwise, the prospect will be wondering if the product is even in their price range.  By initiating a quick discussion about pricing early on, the prospect will be able to share what kind of budget they have and it will also help you steer the client to the type of product that is the best fit for them considering their needs and budget.

• Not closing the deal at the right time. Learning when to ask for a commitment is tricky.  Make sure you take the time to understand what the prospect needs.  Then you will be able to demonstrate how your product or service can uniquely add value before you close the deal.

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